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¥2,800,000(excluding tax)

Product Details
  • Serial number: 109630
  • Year of manufacture: 1914
  • Size (height x width x depth: unit cm): 128 x 156.5 x 63
  • Manufacturing location: Berlin (Germany)
  • Cleaned
It is a Concert 8 model famous as the world's best upright. Made in 1914, it is made of high-quality wood. The wood part resonates very well, and although it has a mellow and soft tone, it has the expressive power to produce everything from delicate sounds to voluminous core sounds.

The cast-iron frame is a type called a hollow frame with the pin plate part hollowed out. By not impeding the vibration of the tuning pin and not transmitting unnecessary vibration to the frame, the sound is richer and more mellow. The strings are strung through the agraffes across the entire area to achieve a clear and transparent sound. It can be said that it is a piano that pursues the ideal of an upright piano.
In addition, the action has a jack and a spring that supports the return of the hammer butts, which is not attached to a normal piano, and has the continuous hitting performance like a grand piano.
It is a very wonderful piano that allows you to enjoy the performance of a grand piano even in places where a grand piano cannot be installed.
For the exterior material, the walnut tree bulbs are sliced into round slices, and the rare and precious wood grain is used. It has been repainted and the wood grain is very beautiful.

By all means, a very beautiful sound is coming out, so please come and listen to this sound alone.

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