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Make Pianos

We make each piano one at time.
Our pianos are heartly made and bulks.

1. Share the bridge of wood board made of beech

2. To put the bridge in the sound board. Put together downside of bridge and sound board carefully.

3. Tap a pin into bridge one by one by hand.

4. Adjust bridge's height up to one of a hundred mm so carefully. This way makes it possible to adjust balance for bass to high tone.

5. Roll up bass'spiano wire by hand, and wrap copper wire on piano wire at base part. To do it by hand can make soft tone.

6. Mechanical adjustment

7. Tuning

8. We use the blue label of big roll which is the highest quality of lesro company in German.

9. We use piano hammer which is special order from German lenner.

10. Cross section of pin board for tuning. Beech and wood are piled up crossing their grain.

11. This part of heart for sound is strained by piano strings. Iron framework is bigger than reguler pianos around 20kg.

12. Back side of supports are beech wood. the width is 120mm which duble size of reguler pianos.

13. It is a treasure of a piano production company.

14. Varnish and solvent for soundboard made by Jahn, Germany

15. A keyboarding tool that only Wistaria has.It is heavy but can be applied firmly.

16. This is a valuable tool that was custom-made at a foundry.

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