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Information of Tuning


We think a high quality maintenance schedule is very important after a purchace on a new piano or pre own piano.We also have many customers who have pianos from other companies and ask us to tune their pianos.We look forward to serving you.If you are in a distant place, we will visit you for tuning and other maintenance work, so please contact us first(travel costs are required).

  • We will quickly manage the schedule for your desired piano tuning date and time.

  • All of our engineers have mastered Steinway's original tuning, adjustment, and voicing methods because the president worked at Steinway's headquarters (Hamburg) as a German piano meister.

  • Piano tuning technology is a "level change". A tuner who doesn't study or work hard will be a bad tuner. At our company, we hold technical workshops every month, and all of our employees continue to research the latest German and Japanese technology, and to improve and maintain our technical level, so that we can provide the best service to our customers.

  • It is said that the Steinway piano strips the tuner naked. Pianos such as Steinway, Grotrian, and Schimmel, which have a transparent sound, make it easy to see whether the tuner is good or bad. Our tuners train every day on pianos with pure and transparent sound, so all of them perform very delicate tuning.

  • Our piano tuner is also our piano craft man that can check and overwhole the whole piano. (ex.sound board include wood work part.)
    90% of customer complaints about the sound of pianos are related to the piano itself.

  • We have many piano tuner from young persons to veteran persons who tune pianos over 40 years.All of them are technicians of the Japan Piano Tuners Association, and are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade piano tuning technicians (national qualifications).

  • For after-sales maintenance, we will introduce you to a member of the Japan Piano Tuners Association (nationally certified tuner) from Hokkaido to Kyushu, so you don't have to worry if you transfer or move to any place.

  • We tune many pianos for famous halls and music college.

  • We tune family pianos to concert pianos.

  • We tune any pianos such as foreign brand or oldmemorial or of any kind.

  • We do "one day complete check up" (tuning, adjusting, checking) by piano craft man.

Piano tuning for concerts.

Claudio Arrau

Christoph Eschenbach

Monique Haas

Tatiana Petrovna Nikolayeva

Vladimir Mischouk

Aurele Nicolet

Karlheinz Zoeller

Ferry Gebhard

Conrad Hansen

Elise Hansen

Vladislav Kovalsky

Jozef Podhoransky

Nakamura Hiroko

Haneda Kentaro

Maeda Norio

Kuramoto Hiroki

Kiyoduka Shinya

John Ken Nuzzo

Kawai Ikuko

Inoue Azumi

Syomura Kiyoshi

Hujiwara Mari

Madeleine Malraux

Terada Etsuko

Hujimura Yuko

Kobayashi Mitio

Matsuura Toyoaki

Yokoi Kazuko

Tokunaga Tugio

Shimada Yuko

Solisten of NDR Sinfonieorchester Hamburg

Solisten of Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

Eto Junko and chorus group"Logan"

Fuji TV New Year's Program "Entertainment World Special King Decision Battle TEPPEN"

and others.

We have received a piano tuning of a lot of concerts besides everybody the above-mentioned.

Piano tuning and repairing for halls and recording studios.

Naruse hall of Japan Women's University

Sagami-ohno Green hall

Hall of Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin

Sagamihara City South Citizens Hall

Nakameguro GT Plaza Hall

Hall of Kawasaki City Asao Culture Center

Suntory Hall

Kawasaki City Tama Citizens Hall

Itabashi Ward Inhabitants Hall

Kamakura Central Public Hall

Ohkurayama Memorial Hall

Hall of Atsugi City Culture Center

Hall of Machida Citizens Forum

Hall of Fujisawa Citizens Center

Hall of Ferris University

Hall of Yamato City Health and Welfare Center

Kannai Hall

Hall of Yamato City Lifelong Study Center

Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall
Kanagawa Prefecture Inhabitants Hall

Radiant Hall of Ninomiya Town Lifelong Study Center

Yokohama City Port Open Memorial Hall

Lecture Hall of Yokohama Art Museum

British House of Yokohama

Suimei Hall of Zama Shrine

Yakult Hall

Amour Hall


Teichiku Suginami Recording Studio

Tokyo Women's Plaza Hall

Polydor Ohashi Recording Studio

Rockwell Recording Studio

and others.

Warning : things you need to know!

  • It needs a piano tuning once every six month.
    Piano is lives. Its condition get changing day by day even you don't realize. Once every six months or at least once every year even you did not play it at all.

  • Keep the humidity 50% ~ 70% in your room.
    It is not good either too humidity or too dry for pianos. Especially too dry from heater in winter season make pianos really bad. So please take care about that.

  • Pianos need mechanical adjusting once every 3 years.
    Piano mechanical can go wrong especially when you played a lot or even you did not play at all. Youstill need to service it and. There is no tuning, your piano needs mechanical adjusting and seion once in a while.

  • Do not put things that get vibrated easily on pianos.
    Anything vibratiable around a piano? Things can get vibrated easily like chandelier, a glass case of doll and etc. cause some noise from resound pitch when piano'stone correspond to its peculiar vibrating pitch.

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