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Music lesson - First music note of harmony


Wistaria music academy has a motto. We give understandable and fan lessons from German and Japanese good music system as much as we can to let music stay in our life naturally. Also we have such a nice calicuram that we picked up German and Japanese good style.


Flexible classes for adults
ex. one lesson every two weeks.

Silver age class
You can play any songs you want to try.
Voice training
Special lesson for high school and university examination.
Music therapy class
and etc...


We have a beautiful concert constantly with unformal wear to make you feel comfortable.
Our teachers and stuffs try very hard for all students to have an exciting lessons that everyone can enjoy and be able to continue lessons for long time. 11 lesson room lists.



  • Headquarters Kamisohyagi Room(Inside of Wistaria Piano Factory) *Large parking area usable

  • Yamato Station Room(2F of Otake Dental)

  • Zama Shrine Room

  • Ebisu Station Room

Yamato Station Room

Ebisu Station Room

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Wistaria Music Academy
TEL: 046-261-6823
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