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Wistaria Piano Factory

Our pianos are heartly made by piano specialist qualified as piano meister in Germany.
Please try our pianos make you feel like you are a master at work to make real tones.

It cooperated in taking a film of
television program "Chichinpuipui".
Please check it!

For our customer, if the piano doesn't enter the room because the entrance is narrow.

We dismantles the piano when the piano is delivered, it carries,
the piano is assembled again in customer's house, then it will be ready to set it up.

Please contact us.

For the customer with a small hand, we can produce the piano with narrow keyboard.

Narrow width keyboard

The width of the keyboard will be narrow by 9cm as a whole.

We can produce the piano of 10mm(1cm) narrow keyboard every one octave for the customer with a small hand.
One of our customer says, "I am very glad to play the difficult number that was not able to be played because the finger has not reached up to now easily".

We can take your special order on line.
Tell us what is your special needs for financial and bugget.
A catalog will be sent on request.
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