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Piano Sales

Lately, many our customer who bought our pianos in 1950's and 1960's through out time buy our new pianos again or change only some parts for their beloved pianos which used for a long time.

We deal with a large variety of pianos for our customer to keep them satisfied.



Price List for wistaria piano

Upright piano
WISTARIA Ru20 Height 120cm Matted walnut 630,000 yen
WISTARIA Ru30 Height 127cm Dark mahogany 787,500 yen
WISTARIA Console Height 120cm Dark mahogany 787,500 yen
WISTARIA K110 Height 131cm Dark mahogany/walnut 997,500 yen
WISTARIA Sculpture Height 120cm Matted walnut 682,500 yen
WISTARIA Furniture style spinet Height 108cm Matted light oak 892,500 yen
WISTARIA Spinet Height 108cm Matted walnut 997,500 yen
WISTARIA Console special Height 120cm Birch walnut 1,050,000 yen
WISTARIA K120W Height 132cm Birch walnut 1,260,000 yen
We can take special order from our customer. ex. special color or natural wood to match your furnituers.

Grand Piano
WISTARIA G149B Depth 149cm Black 1,260,000 yen
WISTARIA G156B Depth 156cm Black 1,470,000 yen
WISTARIA G176B Depth 176cm Black 1,680,000 yen
WISTARIA G176W Depth 176cm Half polish walnut with cabriole leg 2,310,000 yen
WISTARIA G188B Depth 188cm Black 1,890,000 yen
WISTARIA G215B Depth 215cm Black 2,625,000 yen
We can also take special order such as mahogany color from mahogany, walnut color from walnut and oak color from oak for each models above.

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We can take your special order on line.
Tell us what is your special needs for financial and bugget.
A catalog will be sent on request.
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